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Join me again for your next and maybe your crazies wild adventure, this time way closer to the center of the Earth Jules Verne stile...Advance Caving .
Our caving trips are far more advance and challenging than what you may find some where else and way less than what you will get charge, we don't do it for profit, we offer you an adventure.

A significant difference from the Intro to Spelunking trip, this time we will move to the deepest area into the cave and rappel down twice and free-climb high rock faces (40 to 60 feet tall) to explore every single corner/crevasse that this cave system have on it.

Second half...down straight to hell and from there to the heart of the cave, the second half is WAY more appealing to me, way much more fantastic rock formations than first half and way more difficult areas to explore, we will go up and down several 40 to 60 feet tall wall using only our strength,
Just imagine rock climbing a 40 feet tall fixture that is wet and totally muddy and you depend on your agility and all your physical and survivals skills to come out triumphant.

This is NOT an easy task when in a stressful situation...This is a real challenge.

This wild caves near Shepherdstown, WV give explorers new to the sport an opportunity to descend into timeless caverns that are home to ancient “speleotherms” or cave structures.
Keep your eyes open and you might see tiny “soda straws,” the beginning stages of stalactite growth. “Flowstone” deposits shaped like ribbon candy and wedding cakes, “cave coral” that looks like burnt popcorn.
These are just a few of the formations we might find at Whiting’ s Neck.
At the end of the trip, most people are amazed not only by the beauty of the cave structures, but by the challenges that they have overcome.
When temperatures drop outdoors, the cave maintains a steady 50-55 degrees, making the cave a bit warm in winter and cool in summer.

* Gear provide by us:
Climbing equipment
Climbing harness
Hard shell knee pads
Head light

** Extras require that you must provide:
1. Wear old clothes you don't mind getting very dirty and wet.
2. Bring a full set of clean clothes, including shoes
To change when on our way back home.
3. Snacks-water as we will be in the cave roughly 6 hours
4. Head covering/hat/jacket to be use inside of cave.
DO NOT wear leggings, It gets very cold when not moving.
5. Small towel for cleaning later.
6. Small day pack to put carry foot & extra layers.
7. 2 kitchen size trash bag to put dirty clothes in.

*** Itinerary:
8:30 - Meet a Rockvile Metro Station
10:30 - Arrive, unload, assign equipment and safety talk
11:30 - Enter cave, first rappel about 30 feet.
12:30 - Rotate to lower chamber.
Second rappel, we will go down straight to hell (60 feet).
4:00 - Exit caves and back to parking lot
5:00 - Dinner time close-by.
7:00 - Drive back home.

NOTE: If you are claustrophobic this trip may not be for you.

CARPOOL: Don't forget if you want a ride or are willing to offer a ride – be a friend to the environment, save money, and make friends by just posting a message!!
Have a ride: Please post where you are coming from, what time, and how many spots you have.
Need a ride: Post that you need a ride and contact any offers via e-mail for those that are offering rides.