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Glydiators is a group designed to connect electric unicycle (EUC) enthusiasts for fun rides and events. Our goal is to increase the visibility of EUCs and promote their viability in the DMV as a flexible, fun, clean, and powerful new form of independence.

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DC Arboretum Hickey Hill Thrill Ride

Whole Foods Cafe - Foggy Bottom

"https://www.komoot.com/invite-tour/62522685?code=fhqntz-HFqcn7sD2OMFM3iksUALpAah61HKDVjZH1WJEtKBJJI" Get your ticket now for this train. Assemble at 12 pm at the Whole foods: 2201 I St. NW. The train will then travel to Gallery place to pick up more passengers at 1pm. From there around the Capitol and up to Union Station to pick up even more passengers. From Union Station the Train moves on to Union Market where we chill and charge. From Union Market we hit the Metro Branch Trail (MBT)up to Brookland's Art Walk. From Brookland, we head toward the Arboretum. At this point shorter range and longer devices will briefly part ways. The strategy is that shorter range boards and EUCs will B-line back to Union Market via the MBT and chill and recharge for a spell until the longer range devices circle back to rejoin them at Union Market. Those with shorter range devices that absolutely want to ride the Arboretum should probably Uber there and meet us at the R Street entrance. The return ride to Union Market is pretty direct from the Arboretum; so, short devices that meet us there should be fine to ride back to Union Market for recharging. This is a cool and fun ride and adventure for EUCers and ESk8ers alike. OVERVIEW AND BACKGROUND OF U. S. NATIONAL ARBORETUM The U. S. National Arboretum is located in Northeast Washington, DC. It is bordered on the north by New York Avenue, on the south by M Street NE, on the west by Bladensburg Road NE, and on the east by the Anacostia River. The 412 acre garden is marked by Mount Hamilton on the west and Hickey Hill on the east with a broad central valley and Hickey Creek running through the center. Throughout the Arboretum one can visit many spectacular gardens including my personal favorite: the 'Chinese Pagoda' garden. The DC Arboretum is one of the largest, and the only federally supported garden in the country. It serve as a major international hub for pioneering botanical research; using it's massive greenhouses to breed plants and provide them for localities throughout the DMV and the country at large.

National Harbor Remix

Chinatown Arch

https://www.komoot.com/tour/59281319?ref=wtd Mission Details: Meet-up at Union Station and ride to the National Harbor via the V side. The route can be seen by following the link below. https://www.komoot.com/invite-tour/54516434?code=fzvun9--HoHot-0IGgqlWFtKjm158XSdaNEM24VH_9PNVRRwwQ Ride factoids: It will pass through all three state jurisdictions comprising the DMV. The ride will Originate in DC. It will then cross into the Virginia suburbs and back through DC and into the Maryland suburbs via the Woodrow Wilson Bridge. Recharge spot: The 1st half of the ride will terminate at the National Harbor in Oxon Hill where we will recharge our bodies with food and drink and our wheels with electricity. Things to do: On the Harbor some Glydiators might choose to explore the area and see the sites, or ride the Capitol Wheel. There will be a charging stop included on this ride as it is just over 30 miles total. The harbor has many great places to chill and recharge both body and wheel. Please invest in a fast charger if you have not yet done so; it goes a long way increasing the efficiency of our charging stops. Ride terrain: 100% paved Ride level: Easy to moderate. Any beginning riders should be fine and have great time on this ride. We welcome everyone and want everyone to feel welcomed in return. The ride will require no dangerous maneuvers or speeds. Equipment level: the route travels 14.6 miles before any rider will have an opportunity to charge their device. Whether you ride an EUC, E-Scooter, or ESK8 please be sure that that your particular poison can comfortably handle this range. Please RSVP and take care. We look forward to riding with you. Please post any further questions in the discussion. Thanks guys. Look forward to riding with you.

DC Bike Ride

West Potomac Park

Volunteers can serve as course Marshalls, station Attendants, and many other capacities. This is an early, but extremely fun event. Best part is that PEV riders will get to invade the course after the last bike has crossed the finish line; that's so cool. Its like our very own marathon. Visit the website: https://dcbikeride.com to find out more about the event and RSVP here on Meetup. I will post the course map at a later date.

Northeast Groover

Union Station Metro Station

Glydiators will invade the NE quadrant of DC. Grab your Electric Unicycles, boards, or scooters and get your PEV groove on the NE side of town. This ride will include a charging stop "https://www.komoot.com/invite-tour/59017963?code=t736ny-dej4I6qRwAkLm94yux47i3P3i8x7anp1efvZMe6lWLQ"

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Uptown Madness Campaign

Chinatown Arch

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