Iron Hill Brewery and Restaurant

    NOTHING’S MORE LOCAL than beer brewed ten feet from your table. NOTHING’S FRESHER than every dressing, every stock, every sauce made from scratch. Every day. NOTHING’S TRUER TO WHO WE ARE than letting our craft beers and handcrafted foods inspire one another in unexpected ways. And while we’re the most award-winning brewery east of the Mississippi, we’re not in it for the fame or the glory. We’re in it because we love what we do. Which is brewing beer. Getting creative in the kitchen. And integrating our passion from tap to table. We’re more than a scratch kitchen. We’re more than a craft brewery. We’re IRON HILL ````````````````````````````````````````````` During the Revolutionary War, a fierce battle is fought atop Iron Hill, outside of Newark, Delaware. Soldiers fight for life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness – unaware that in more than 200 years, a group of Delaware locals will exercise that right to pursue happiness by opening a brewery right down the road. They will name it Iron Hill in honor of what the soldiers fought for. Kevin Finn, one of those Delaware locals, receives a homebrewing kit from his wife for his birthday. What starts as a hobby soon becomes a passion. His friend, Mark Edelson, takes an interest and begins brewing with him. Soon, they decide to enter their beers in competitions. Surprising even themselves, they start bringing home some impressive awards. The duo begins to wonder, “Could we do this for a living?” Lucky for them, a friend introduces them to Kevin Davies, an experienced restaurant professional. It only takes a few conversations to decide that together they could open an innovative brewery and restaurant concept. It’s time to take the brewing out of Kevin’s basement! On November 14th, Iron Hill officially pours its first beer and serves its first dish at 147 E Main St in Newark, Delaware. In September, the team decides to swing for the fences. At less than a year old, Iron Hill enters the American Brewer’s Association’s Great American Beer Festival (GABF), the industry’s premiere competition. Newcomers to the scene, they take the crowd and critics by surprise when their Lodestone Lager wins a gold medal. It is the first of many. The trio decides to open a second location in West Chester, PA. They determined, quite boldly, that it, and every future location, would have an on-site brewery. They wanted to guarantee the same quality, freshness, and innovation that had made their first location so successful. Opening day arrives, and the annual West Chester Restaurant Festival is going on right outside. The crowd is so large that they must close for the next few days just to regain inventory and catch their breath. ``````````````````````````````````````````````` The murals in our restaurants are unique to Iron Hill and created by internationally acclaimed artist Jeff Schaller. Schaller’s multi-image pieces use familiar iconography to evoke emotions and memories in individual viewers that, in turn, provoke further discussion amongst the greater audience. That’s what Iron Hill loved about Schaller’s work – its ability to spark lively conversations was the perfect complement to our dining experience. So, in 2002, he was commissioned to use the walls of the Wilmington Riverfront restaurant as his next canvas. Creating an atmosphere perfect for enjoying fine food, exceptional beer and great company, his work at Wilmington was such a good fit that we’ve continued to work with him at our other locations ever since. To view more of Jeff's work, go to www.jeffschaller.com



    At the center of every Bertucci’s lives our brick oven. For over 30 years, since our first kitchen opened in the Davis Square neighborhood of Somerville, MA in 1981, we’ve been perfecting the art of brick oven cooking. From the beginning, we’ve built a tradition of creating unique pizzas and pasta combinations. These recipes all share some very important things in common. They use only the freshest ingredients, and we take the time to make each by hand. Today, 88 Bertucci’s restaurants are firing up brick ovens from New England to Virginia, each reflecting the distinct character and local charm of their community. But like the original Bertucci’s, every kitchen is also open, making our brick oven part of the restaurant experience. We believe that watching your food being prepared is an integral part to enjoying it. With a strong and dedicated commitment to hospitality, we welcome you as our guest, and we promise to always treat you as part of the Bertucci’s family.


    Chickie's & Pete's

    The taste of Philadelphia sports came alive late one night in 1987. An argument and a brotherly brawl over mom’s unique gravy at 4 am in the Ciarrocchi household, led to what is now the unique Chickie’s & Pete’s zesty cuisine. With a mother’s ingredients, a respected family business, and Pete’s own tried, tested, and perfected French fry reinvention, Crabfries®, Pete Ciarrocchi was destined for success. The story began a decade earlier when, in 1977, Peter and Henrietta Ciarrocchi bought the Robbins Avenue taproom in the Mayfair neighborhood of Philadelphia. Young Pete followed his parents’ example and served the regulars with a smile. He was and still is a friend to all. Growing up Pete ran with both jocks and rockers. He could change minds, influence peers, and even reinvent taste. In 1987 Pete made sure his parents’ legacy lived on. Pete became the face of Chickie’s & Pete’s with the help of his brother, Tom. His charisma, dynamic personality, and great food were enough to bring in the crowds on Sunday to celebrate, jeer, and be Philadelphia. Pete understood the pulse of the city: food, sports, and people. In 1998, The Vet, the once home of the “Iggles” and the “Phightin’ Phils” became Pete’s new home and kingdom. Led by his proprietary Crabfries®, the Mayfair family business became a fan favorite concession. Pete’s infectious energy and impressive cuisine became his recipe for success. From Andy Reid’s late night meetings, “taxi crabbing” Eagles players from airport to complex, to mixing it up with Oprah and Jon Bon Jovi, Pete Ciarrocchi’s success has exploded. The Chickie’s & Pete’s hometown flavor has expanded to 12 locations across Philadelphia and New Jersey and was voted ESPN’s #1 Sports Bar on the East Coast. In late 2009, Pete unveiled his “reinvention of the sports bar,” PLAY². This trademarked concept… where you don’t just watch sports on TV, you become the sport… has massive momentum and is our platform for growth. The Parx Casino location, with PLAY² completely integrated, is our model for the future.

  • Doo Wop & Motorcycles III

    American Music Theater

    Doo Wop & Motorcycles 3 Do you like Doo Wop Music & Motorcycles ? Come join us. The American Music Theater in Lancaster is doing a Doo Wop Show on April 13th at 2 in the afternoon. There are a few options that can change as it gets closer. If it is a really nice day we can take motorcycles. I'll post details for that later. If you would like to meet before the concert we can meet at the Theater's parking lot, walk across the street to the Cracker Barrel. If you want to skip lunch we can meet at the Theater about 2. The show starts at two and we can stop on the way home to get something to eat. Unfortunately I couldn't save a block of tickets, so you will have to get your own tickets. I have tickets for the 2 o'clock show. If your interested message me and I'll let you know where my seats are. Tickets are $48 each. AMT’s latest line-up of groups are sure to be remembered by Doo Wop fans. Scheduled to appear in our Spring Doo Wop Cavalcade are Lou Christie, Jimmy Beaumont’s Skyliners, The Vogues, The Happenings, The Demensions, and Bobby Wilson with a tribute to his father, Jackie Wilson. Show Information https://amtshows.com/spring-doo-wop-cavalcade/ Hope you can join us! It will be fun.

  • Lets take a little ride, enjoy some Pizza, Sandwiches & Laughs

    Our Pizza is made fresh daily from the finest ingredients. The unique and delicious homemade sauce compliments our fresh dough, topped with the tastiest Wisconsin cheese. Along with your favorite toppings, we think you’ll agree, it’s the BEST PIZZA around. Pizza Peddler is BYOB and serves pizza, strombolis, low carbohydrate meals, pasta, hoagies, grinders, salads, burgers, sandwiches, steak sandwiches, breakfast, desserts and more.