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You should be a member if and ONLY if: You are a leader or an aspiring leader that believes in the practice of mindful leadership.

If you are trying to sell something or just make networking connection this group is not for you. If you do no not qualify to be a member please don't join or attend our events. We ask that you respect the intention of this community.

What makes us different? We are NOT a purely networking group. Our events are not just about swapping cards and small talk. Sure we meet people and make connects but we do so with authenticity and mindfulness.

What can I expect at an event? Our events inspire, educate and connect leaders that believe in mindful leadership. Its common to start our events with meditation and mindful sharing. Speakers come from diverse background and will provide mindful leadership training.

About DC Mindful Leadership Group:

Mission: Empower leaders to reach their fullest potential while improving the world around them.

Core Values:
- Good Karma, Good Business.
- Treat myself, living beings and the environment with kindness.
- Make profit AND make the world a better place.
- Don't be a douche.

DC Mindful Leadership Group offers a forum to help develop mindful leaders, enable them to grow their organizations, and to balance their lives.

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