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April 2015 - Scraping websites and Python & Rust.

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The Advisory Board Company

2445 M St NW · Washington, DC

How to find us

Someone will bring you upstairs after 6:45pm.

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Join us Tuesday April 7th at the Advisory Board Company for 'Scraping websites and Python & Rust.'

Using PyParsing For Web Scraping, Application Control and Data Wrangling

In this talk you’ll learn how to use pyparsing, a free Python module, to create and execute simple grammars for web scraping, application control and data wrangling. Dump the nested if statements and get parsing. Oh yes, there will be code, and lots of it, to get you started!

Embedding Rust in Python

C extensions in Python can be a hassle, header files, memory un-safety, and undefined behavior run amok. Rust, a new language by Mozilla, offers safe super high speed computing, with elegance. This talk focuses on pythons ctypes module and how to write c extensions in the Rust programming language.


About Robert Dempsey

A three-time entrepreneur currently employed in DataOps at ARPC, Rob has more than 14 years experience building and leading tech teams and more than 8 years hacking in Python and Ruby.

About Davis Silverman

Davis Silverman is an experienced Python developer, and an avid polyglot. Currently a student at UMD, and always looking for ways to make his life cooler through technology.