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Energy Yoga, Breathing & Meditation

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We'll start with stretching and breathing to help the body and mind become more relaxed and then learn energy meditation with LifeParticles.

LifeParticle is a term coined by meditation expert Ilchi Lee and refers to the smallest energy particles that compose all of life. It is possible to learn to harness this energy and to utilize it to create changes in your life, whether that be related to physical health, emotional wellbeing, or even using it to bring clarity to your mind & spirit.

The purpose of our meditation group is to teach you how to use LifeParticles to create your life the way you want it to be, instead of constantly reacting to your current situation. During this meetup we will teach you how to feel and connect to this LifeParticle healing energy. You will feel deep relaxation in the body, purification of your emotional stress, and also learn how to manifest the creativity of your brain to visualize and actualize changes in your life.

Our meetup is free and open to the public. Please wear comfortable clothes you can move in freely. We will end around 8:30pm.

More info on LifeParticles at , and see this video: (