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Body-Mind-Spirit Healing Workshop

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This program will take you through a deep experience of TAO principles and practice for growth and enlightenment. Through physical exercises to improve your balance, muscle strength and flexibility and energy meditation to improve your inner focus and awareness, your trainer, JoongMa Sunsanim, will help you awaken more will and courage to change. In your daily life, you're constantly facing many problems related to your body, mind, and emotion.
At the moment you try to create any changes, you may feel awkward, scared, and uncomfortable. You really want to achieve your goal... but your mind doesn't follow you well and you become limited by excuses about your current situation.
As you feel all those emotions, can you really make the changes needed to solve your problems?
The key is to develop the inner power needed to manage your thoughts and overcome your limits towards your goal.

With over 20 years of experience as a Dahn Yoga Master, JoongMa Sunsanim is respected by many around the world as a model for self-development. “Sunsa” meaning “enlightened leader” is a title reserved only for a select few senior masters of the Dahn Yoga tradition. He is one of only nine Sunsas in the world and three in the United States. Workshop fee: $200
to register: call 202-393-2440 and RSVP on the event page

No prior experience with yoga or meditation is needed.