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Dilworth - Traditional Hot Yoga 60 minutes - "Fire Sequence" The Yoga Oasis

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This 60 minute sequence comes to The Yoga Oasis from our friends at Yoga To The People in New York City .This class comes from the Bishnu Ghosh lineage of yoga as does Bikram Yoga, The Barkan Method Hot Yoga and Tony Sanchez Core 26.

What Can You Expect in the Traditional Hot Yoga 60 Minute Fire Class?

The class includes many of the core 26 postures from the Bikram sequence with the addition of 6 new postures to intensify your practice.

The class incorporates postures that improve your balance, strength and flexibility. This dynamic system of postures is designed to be practiced in a hot room(100-102 degrees) Intended to open, strengthen, and detoxify the entire body. You will sweat, stretch, get stronger. This is not a vinyasa / flow class.

Yogi Toes or a large towel is required to place over your mat for hot classes. We rent Yogi Toes and towels for $3.00.


RSVP from Meet Up does not sync up with our studio's class registration. In other words, you will not be listed as "registered " in the class until you sign up online from our website or sign in when you come to the studio. Either way is fine

If possible please set up an account online . You do not have to pay online but it allows us to put you in our system and have the studio release form on file. It saves time for you at the front desk . You always have the option of filling out the form at the studio, please arrive 10 to 15 minutes in advance if you are a new student.

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Our studio is open 30 minutes prior to a class starting and 30 minutes after a class ends. We lock our doors when classes are in session and our classes start on time.

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