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The Future of Blockchain Applications

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Event hosted by: Blockchain R&D Hub

We are proud to have Charlie Shrem, Matej Michalko, Pavel Sokolov and Konstantin Gladych to discuss the Future of Blockchain Applications.


Charlie Shrem

Business Development at Changelly, Founder Bitcoin Foundation, founder of BitInstant

Charlie is a Bitcoin Pioneer, founder of the Bitcoin Foundation (Vice-Chairman 2012- 2014) & former CEO of BitInstant, one of the earliest and largest Bitcoin companies processing 30% of all Bitcoin/USD volume. Recently, Charlie has developed joint ventures between traditional finance companies and Bitcoin companies such as Charlie will share his vision about the Future of Blockchain Applications.

Matej Michalko

Founder and CEO at DECENT, Co-Founder, Chairman, Blockchain R&D Hub

Matej is on a mission to redefine the internet enabled by DECENT Blockchain Network. He will talk about the advantages Blockchain Technology brings to business processes in digital content distribution, as well as practical demonstrations of various use cases from this field.

Pavel Sokolov

Board member of MinerGate, the largest Monero mining pool

Pavel has helped Minergate to become the world's biggest Monero cryptocurrency mining pool with millions of registered users and thousands daily active miners. Pavel will share his experience of building new products around the crypto mining community.

Konstantin Gladych

CEO at Changelly, instant crypto exchange

Konstantin started Changelly instant exchange more than one year ago. Since that time service has grown to 20 million dollars monthly turnover and became one of the world’s leading exchange. Will talk about the role of token exchanging in various blockchain applications.


Doors open: 18:30

Talks start: 19:00

Talks end: 21:00

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Blockchain Research and Development Hub ( is an R&D and Product Company. We work closely with DECENT Foundation to create products and solutions that enable convenient, direct, and secure exchange of digital content globally. We bring global pool of talent and experience in technology enterprising to serve as basis for worldwide blockchain technology resource mobilization and facilitation. Our vision is to bring Blockchain Technology to Mass Markets and Public Domains through Everlasting Innovation and Vertical Integration into Industries and Systems.

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DECENT ( is a Decentralized Content Distribution Network that is Open-Source and utilizes Blockchain to ensure Trust and Security. DECENT vision is to create a fully integrated & trustworthy worldwide system of digital content distribution in which the communication flow is secured and timestamped by the blockchain mechanism. DECENT aims to become a liaison between various industries by bridging the gap between the emerging blockchain ecosystem.

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Twitter: @DECENTplatform

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