• Exploring Cyber Security Law & Building a Custom OSINT CTF Platform

    Hey hackers! Who is excited for the next DEFCON Toronto Meetup? The group for hackers, cyber security professionals, and enthusiasts. We are excited to have you all join us for our March meetup at Pivotal Labs where we will have some great talks for you! Food and soft drinks sponsored by Rapid7! Talk #1 Speakers: Chetan Phull & Idan Levy Topic: Legal Aspects of Data Privacy, Cybersecurity, and Cryptocurrency Abstract: This talk will provide an overview of data privacy and cybersecurity law in Canada, and the laws applicable to blockchain and cryptocurrency. Come listen for an overview of legal issues that will need to be managed for development of any online platform based in Canada. With respect to data privacy, we will discuss the legislative landscape, legal guidance on cybersecurity standards, breach reporting obligations, and data residency with the potential for foreign intervention. With respect to blockchain, we will discuss the developing concept of “security tokens”, foreign issued tokens traded OTC in Canada, and financial institution regulations. Bios: Chetan is a lawyer with software development experience and is the founder of Smartblock Law (www.smartblocklaw.com), a cyber tech law firm in Toronto focused in blockchain, data privacy & cybersecurity, IT contracts, and litigation. Chetan is also an international speaker on cross-border legal management of blockchain operations. Some of Chetan's past speaking engagements have included law seminars for the Ontario Bar Association and the Dubai Government. Chetan is also a blockchain law instructor with York University and Osgoode PD. Idan works as a Student-At-Law in all cyber-related practice areas of Smartblock Law. During law school, Idan worked for a large wholesale nutrition company. That experience exposed him to various issues in the law of corporations, commercial contracts, and consumer protection. Idan also has over two years’ experience in software marketing with Spar Group Inc., where he designed and implemented guerilla marketing campaigns for large software and technology brands, including Fitbit and Nest. Talk # 2 Speaker: Peter Vicherek Topic: How We Built Saigar: The First OSINT CTF Platform for Missing Persons Abstract: As hackers, what do we do when no tool does the job? We go ahead and create our own! This talk will dive into how the Saigar team created the first ever OSINT CTF platform dedicated to locating missing persons across the world. We will discuss why a custom platform was needed for this, the journey building it, some of the many lessons learned along the way, and how they can be applied to cybersecurity. Finally, we will demo features of the platform and discuss improvements for the future. Bio: Over his career, Peter has specialized in information security and software development. He has been tinkering with various programming languages and building tools since he was 12 years old. He now spends most of his time working with tech startups to develop and launch their software products. Peter's focus right now is working to launch the world's first dedicated OSINT CTF platform to assist organization's like Trace Labs in collecting and managing OSINT. Is your company hiring? At every DC416 event we give hiring managers the opportunity to do a "Call for Candidates" for open IT, Development, or Cyber Security related roles. Missed a DC416 talk? checkout the DC416 archives here: https://dc416.com/archives/ Want to learn more about DEFCON Toronto? Visit our Website! (http://dc416.com) Join the conversation on Twitter! Share and follow along with @defcon_toronto (https://twitter.com/defcon_toronto) Interested in sponsoring a DEFCON Toronto event? E-mail us at [masked] Want to join our slack? E-mail us at [masked]