Exploring Organized Cyber Crime, VOIP Fraud, Arduino based HID Hacks & CTF Recap

DEFCON Toronto (DC416)
DEFCON Toronto (DC416)
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Hey guys! Who is excited for the next DEFCON Toronto Meet-up!!? The group for hackers, cyber security professionals, and enthusiasts.

On April 13th join us for some exciting cyber security talks, interactive exhibits, networking and free beverages!

Talks & Presenters

Organized Cyber Crime and VOIP Fraud – Iain Paterson


This talk is based on an actual case Iain and his team from Cycura worked on.

Cycura provides top tier, advanced, customized and confidential cyber security services, cyber investigation services, and digital forensic services to governments, companies, and organizations.

In this talk Iain will be giving us an overview of the attack, the methodologies, tools, and the way the crime is perpetuated and pays out.

It also looks at the hygiene issues that allowed the event/attack to take place and talks to system hardening

It's a pretty interesting case, we know everyone will be absorbed by this story.

Arduino based HID Attacks - Brendan Hohenadel


In this talk Brendan will be introducing a new tool he has written to simplify creating HID attack payloads for Arduino based devices that are cheap enough to be used for USB drops.

The presentation will go over the history of HID attack devices, followed by his research into reducing the cost of HID attack devices, then an overview of his tool, then finish with demos of some of the payloads and techniques built into them.

Brendan's tool is designed to be used with cheap Arduino devices. It also has a unique UAC Bypass technique, and also a great driver loading detection for windows, instead of using a delay at the beginning. Brendan has also included a few "helper scripts" that work with some of the payloads.

DEFCON Toronto December CTF Recap – Harold Rodriguez


Capture the Flag (CTF) events are competitions where hackers compete for points and prizes. In December DEFCON Toronto hosted our first in-person CTF challenge.

In this presentation, Harold will be giving everyone a step-by-step walk-through of the CTF challenges, and how to solve them. We hope that this deep-dive will help you and your team in the next CTF we host… which could very well be right around the corner ;)

Harold Rodriguez is a System Administrator in the University of Toronto

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We would like to thank Pivotal Labs (https://pivotal.io/) for hosting this event at their venue!

We would also like to thank Cycura (http://www.cycura.com/) for helping us organize the event