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On July 28th, DEFCON Toronto is partnering with Trace Labs to host an in-person, full-day OSINT CTF (Open Source Intelligence Capture the Flag) event in order to find key information on real missing persons cases from Ontario.

The goal of this event is to bring together local Toronto hackers and information security enthusiasts in order to accelerate the family reunification of missing persons while providing training in the craft of open source intelligence (OSINT).

Trace Labs is partnering with DEFCON Toronto to improve crowd sourcing of individuals interested in OSINT and together develop a scalable platform which helps authorities with evidence collection. We want to challenge and discover gifted hackers and cyber defenders with the goal of educating the global community about the search and rescue efforts in finding missing persons.

The DEFCON Toronto community is run by volunteers. Capture The Flag events are a small part of what we do, but require a lot of effort, energy and resources to be able to stand up a CTF event. We do understand life gets in the way, and respect that, but we ask you to kindly give us a heads up if you or your team can't show up to the event.

__Registration is a 2 step process:__
1.) Use meet up to let us know you're coming
2.) Register your team here:

All skill levels are welcome as training will be provided.

Registration Opens
6pm - July 14th

Official OSINT CTF team registration opens and the event details are made public.

Registration Closes
6pm - July 27th
Deadline for teams to be formed and registered.

8am - July 28th
Breakfast containing coffee, tea, water, donuts, muffins, and bagels will be available for participants and volunteers.

CTF Tutorial
9am - July 28th
A teacher (yet to be announced) will be teaching a 1 hour session on “OSINT CTF Basics – A tutorial on learning OSINT tools” this class will be directed toward students and beginner players in OSINT CTF challenges.

CTF Main Event Kick-Off
10am - July 28th
DEFCON Toronto OSINT CTF will officially kick-off

1pm - July 28th
Pizza Lunch Break

A word from the community:
Time TBD - A speaker with first hand experience on the impact that missing persons can have on a family and community. They will also reinforce why the work we are doing today can be helpful for family reunification.

More Training:
Time TBD - 2 more training sessions will be run after lunch to add to your arsenal of tools and OSINT knowledge.

CTF Ends
7:30pm - July 28th
DEFCON Toronto OSINT CTF event will official end and organizers will hand out the first place prize.