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█ Zapraszamy na #28 spotkanie DEV@ZG, sponsorowane przez DEV@ZG :))) Prosimy o zadbanie o siebie w trakcie spotkania i zamawianie napojów tudzież zakąsek. Na pewno wesprze to nas i doceni lokal, w którym spotykamy się.

Tym razem dwa tematy techniczne, funkcyjne!
Opisy prezentacji są po angielsku, ale same prezentacje przeprowadzone będą w języku polskim.

█ Temat 1: Is our code liberated from imperative style of Von Neumann

40 years have passed since John Backus' paper reading in 1977 at Turing Award "Can Programming Be Liberated from the von Neumann Style? A Functional Style and Its Algebra of Programs”. A visionary article well ahead of its time. John Backus pinpoints a fundamental problem of thought in programming at his time. He criticizes the collective thinking in programming dominated by the imperative style of Von Neumann.

Is this the pont still valid 40 years later?

In this talk I'll try to answer this question looking at different code samples from OO and functional languages. I'll show you that even if the mainstream paradigm has changed we are still locked up in imperative style of Von Neumann from 50ies.

█ Temat 2: Programowanie funkcyjne OOP z przykładami w C#

Functional programming it’s a clean and easily maintainable style, it’s an important basis of programming as we know it today, and certain specific current concerns, like parallelization, can be targeted successfully with the help of functional programming ideas. In recent years, more and more functional elements have been included in imperative languages on the .NET platform like C# and VB.NET, but many developers are not aware of them or don’t know how to use it. In this talk you will learn how to leverage how functional way of coding can improve your imperative code. You’ll learn about how to do dependency injection in a functional way, defining and reusing functions, currying and partial application, writing monads and implementing effectively a map/reduce pattern.

█ O naszym gościu

Tomasz Jaskula
18 years of professional experience as a developer, team leader, trainer and software architect. Founder of Paris Domain Driven Design user group and F# group. I also speak in technical conferences and I blog about various software development topics. I worked for many companies in SIRH, e-commerce and financial fields and I have a great experience in solving theirs real problems since more than 10 years.

Mainly focused on creating software delivering true business value which aligns with the business strategic initiatives and bears solutions with clearly identifiable competitive advantage.

I've been always learning new technologies, working on OSS software and challenging what I've already learned to become better.

█ Plan spotkania

18:45 - Powitanie
19:00 - Rozpoczęcie
22:00 - Rozmowy, napoje, przekąski

Zakończenia brak - to w końcu miły wieczór przy pogaduchach.