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This group is for women who love many parts of feminism - the more radical & intersectional the better - yet find that feminist theories seem to fall short in some places, or don't quite make sense at times, or just get it plain wrong at other times.

This group is for women who have been scared off or turned off by feminism or feminists for daring to question things or disagreeing with ideas and being shunned or rejected for it.

In my experience, the gaps & shortcomings in feminism (of all stripes & "waves") clear right up when I "zoom out" and look at things from a DEcolonist/Indigenous perspective (see sample links below).

I am creating this Meetup with a curiosity around if there are any women out there who are interested in exploring these ideas in a safe, respectful manner, & forming a Sisterhood along the way.

This group is NOT about debating or building upon ivory tower/academic writings/theories, as these tend to just reinforce the colonized part of feminism, no matter how radical. Also, much of these theories & writings sound like circles around circles of nothingness. If it's not clear, coherent and grabs your heart & soul from the get-go, then it likely won't fit in this group. I want us to hone our primitive, instinctual senses that includes sniffing out & discarding elitist and/or confused colonist B.S.

This group IS about Real Talk with Real Women who don't get too scared off, offended or deeply wounded in the face of (respectful) disagreement and are able to, or willing to "hang in there" to figure things out through conversation/contact. This group IS for women who are fed up with misogyny, patriarchy, homophobia, racism & all the other "ism's" and are interested in honest, deep-diving dialogue and pushing our thinking through sharing our experiences & applying/learning DEcolonist perspectives to make sense of it all.

I am a psychotherapist with a belief that our relations are everything, as are the culture(s) we are embedded in. As such, I believe it is the CONTACT, CONNECTION & RELATIONSHIPS between the women in this group that will make or break the experience of our group.

If you're interested in seeing if/where a group like this can go, let's give it a whirl. I look forward to connecting with you!

For a sample of the kind of perspectives I want to explore in this group, check out the below links:

NOTE: These links are from two male Native American/Indigenous activists who are pro-matriarchy and quite feminist in their values/beliefs. Our group does not include the brand of feminism that advocates "kill all men" - this group IS for women who can recognize - or are open to learning - that "patriarchy" is so much more than just about men in authority = bad. It is about men from very particular *cultures* with very particular *values* that makes them potentially dangerous when in positions of leadership - this applies to women as well as far as the culture they come from & the values/beliefs they hold & lead with. It is the euro-western/Abrahamic colonist CULTURE that has been imposing & inflicting itself savagely & violently across the world & upon other cultures - then forcing other cultures to assimilate or die - that has been causing so much harm and psychic anguish to all living beings and earth. Also known as colonization. Which is why DEcolonization is so important, for the healing of all beings, cultures and our mother earth.

It is doom and gloom and an outright horror show, UNTIL we begin un-mining our minds, DEcolonizing, and understanding things from perspectives such as in the links below. If these make you sit up a little straighter or see things a littler clearer, or feel a little more empowered, then this group is for you:





Our Meetups will be on a Saturday or Sunday afternoon in downtown Toronto in the group room at my office on Bloor & Bathurst.

Thank you for your interest - looking forward to getting to know you and creating a respectful, supportive Sisterhood that is so badly needed amongst women today.


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