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Thank you to all of you who have sent me detailed e-mails about what you need to begin your real estate investing Careers... I have found that there are 3 types of individuals who attend seminars or search out the real Estate investing Business 1.Curious : Just want to know or try to believe this can work , these people go from seminar to seminar buy programs and never I repeat never take the leap and do a deal ..... 2.Tired of making someone else RICH on a job (just over broke) they sincerely want to work for themselves and are willing to put in the time and effort to start their own business. 3. Individuals who have a 401k or IRA, or savings these people need to just attend a seminar or workshop and work with a Coach or Mentor and purchase some properties for ,Rentals...Owner Finance or Turnkey so as to Say I am an investor,they usually don't want to do all the work involved and that's fine .......... Take time and decide which one you are and make a decision because if you make NO decision then you are still stuck ..... With all of that being said ,My mentor suggested I add another type of Seminar component to my Business so for members of his meetup who have never stuck your TOE in the water we (my team and I ) will be offering a FREE 2 hour INTRODUCTION TO THE REAL ESTATE BUSINESS FOR BEGINNERS WORKSHOP. Let me know how many of you are interested so we can book the room and organize a very informative and educational presentation .....We aim for you to leave this event with the intelligent knowledge to decide if real estate investing is for you ...... Investing ( · Real Estate Networking ( · Real Estate Investors ( · Real Estate ( ·Real Estate Investing ( ·Real Estate Investing Associations ( · Real Estate Investment Education ( · Build Your Real Estate Investing Team ( · First Time Real Estate Investing ( ·Beginner Real Estate Investing ( · Real Estate Investment ( · Buy & Hold Real Estate Investing ( ·Real Estate Investing Meetings ( · Creative Real Estate Investing ( Commercial Real Estate ( ·Financial Freedom ( · Real Estate Networking ( ·Beginner Real Estate Investing ( · Real Estate Investing ( · Real Estate Agent ( · Real Estate Foreclosures ( · Real Estate Investment Education ( ·Real Estate Marketing ( ·Real Estate ( · Real Estate Investors ( Dallas Real Estate Investors Meetings, Fort Worth Real Estate Investors Meetings, DFW Real Estate Investors Meetings, Dallas Real Estate Investor Groups, Fort Worth Real Estate Investor Groups, DFW Real Estate Investor Groups, dallas real estate investors meetings, fort worth real estate investors meetings, dfw real estate investors meetings, dallas real estate investor groups, fort worth real estate investor groups, dfw real estate investor groups, dallas real estate clubs, fort worth real estate clubs, dfw real estate investor clubs, Dallas Real Estate Training, fort worth real eEstate training, dfw real estate investor training, land lording, landlording, real estate investors, meetings, groups, clubs, training Outdoors ( · Travel ( · Happy Hour ( · Young Professional Singles ( · Professional Networking ( · Women's Business Networking ( ·Referral Marketing ( ·Beginner Real Estate Investing ( · Professional Development ( · Real Estate Networking ( · Real Estate Investing ( ·Entrepreneurship ( · Real Estate Investors ( · Investin (

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We don't build businesses We help people network and expand their businesses.

Our goal is to inspire and motivate you take action on your vision and dreams. We are a diverse group of professionals who are passionate about empowering others to succeed in business and in life.

We host monthly Meetups throughout the Dallas/ Fort Worth area. You'll get a chance to network and build solid connections with talented business owners in the community.

Our speakers are hand picked industry experts who share their wealth of knowledge in business relationships, marketing, leadership and financial success.

I invite to join us at the next event where you'll be entertained, educated and inspired to take your business to the next level.

We welcome all hairstylist, barbers,massage therapist,students and anyone in the beauty business to join

We share cutting edge information on how to generate an extra 5-10k per month

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