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A group for serious writers who want to self-publish their work. The DFW Self-Publishing Group is for sharing knowledge, information, and best practices for those writers, new or experienced, who aim to produce professional quality work. Are you writing your book? Finished your book? Can't find a publisher? Don't know how to begin the process of self-publishing? Are you a published author who now wants to self-publish? If you're in the DFW area, this group is for you.

If you haven't yet started writing your book, but still plan to self-publish, then the DFW Self-Publishing Group is likely to be too advanced for you at this early stage. You can still join, of course, but we definitely focus on the publishing and marketing process rather than writing. There are however, several excellent writing groups around the DFW area that would provide superb resources for the writing process

Self-publishing is no longer stigmatized, but you can't take short-cuts. Sloppy writing, cheap looking covers, poor editing, and ineffective or no marketing will all contribute to failure. The DFW Self-Publishing Group can help you steer in the right direction towards success. We will have regular casual meetings, and also speakers and workshops designed to help you hone your writing craft and your writing business.

The DFW Self-Publishing Group is a dues-based group. The annual dues rate of $30.00 per member allows us to provide meetings and valuable workshops for the benefit of members. The value of the annual dues can be got by just attending a single workshop, for which non-members would pay $40-$45 to attend!

Benefits of Membership:

A) Monthly meetings/events hosted by the DFW-SPG, including some with guest speakers and all with DFW-SPG organisers, Jim & Zetta Brown (over 15 years each in the modern digital publishing industry). Meetings to be held in local venues.

B) Six workshops per year, for which group members only pay a nominal rate of $0-$10 (may vary with each workshop), compared to the non-member rate of $45.00 (membership dues can pay for itself with a single workshop).

C) A future goal of an annual Self-Publishing Convention covering many aspects of self-publishing, but we'l begin in 2019 with a self-publishing "boot-camp" -- a step-by-step guide through the complete process of self-publishing your book(s) (likely to be a two-day event). Members' fees for these will be vastly reduced from the non-member rate.

D) A personalized membership card designed (with a lanyard) to double as an event/conference/convention ID showing your name and DFW-SPG member number.

E) A private online discussion forum for members only, where members can chat, pass on news, discuss industry news, ask questions, etc.

F) The entire network of local writers groups at your fingertips via DFW Self-Publishing Group's membership of W.O.R.D. (Writing Organisations 'Round Dallas).

G) Affiliation with the Dallas Library's "I Made It" marketing program, designed to let local authors get their books into the Dallas Library and to offer local book signings/events at satellite libraries around Dallas.

H) Group support for any member's local book signings or promotional event.

I) Years of experience of the group's organisers to fall back on - simply email us a question!

J) Discounted publishing services from selected providers.

If you have any questions, please do reach out to the organisers, Jim and Zetta Brown, via the MeetUp website.

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