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Three Crowd Funding Campaigns from DFW Hardware Startups

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Hello All,

DFW Hardware Startups will soon have three hardware campaigns. Two on Indiegogo and Kickstarter and another run independently . The three projects are iPal, SmartTags and Chui.

iPal is a wearable computer. It employs eye tracking and gaze tracking to know what you look at. iPal can be controlled with eye gestures. With its imaging capability, you can take pictures or record video with your eyes without lifting a finger. By capturing what you see and hear, iPal can digitize your life. This information is a good starting point for apps to analyze your life from different perspectives and make recommendations in real time. You can learn more about iPal on facebook at:

The second project is called WatchTags. It uses smart sensors to monitor the safety of your home. WatchTags Garage Door sensor helps address a situation that any of us may run into: did I close my garage door? The sensor detects if the door left open unattended and sends an alert to your smartphone. You can learn more about WatchTags on Facebook at:

Chui (pronounced “Chewy”) is a WiFi-enabled intelligent camera that employs facial recognition, machine learning and second tiers of verification. Chui is intelligent enough to not only know there is a person out front but to identify that person and activate a suite of customized features. Using a proprietary blend of software the owner of Chui can leave personalized tailored messages for individual visitors about where to find the key, tell the mailman where to leave the mail, and know if a package has been delivered, all without needing to interact with the person or your phone, if you please. You can also tap into a real time chat with the person at your door with two way audio and one way video. Chui is envisioned as an integral part of the connected smart home movement. Chui will launch on February 27, 2014. Here is the website: (

Please attend this meeting to network and learn about the projects. If you are interested to help either campaign, please let me know.

See you soon!


5445 Legacy Dr, Suite 100 · Plano, TX
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