Glitter Geodes with acrylic pours -- 2nd Session


Glitter Geodes with acrylic pours


We’ll be creating “geodes” using an acrylic pour method and they’ll be decorated with glitter, flakes, beads, or small stones etc. These will make fantastic Christmas gifts.


Option 1. Wet pour with acrylics (paint plus pouring medium) - NO RESIN: You can do a ring pour or pour lines in a geode design. Then embellish with glitter, etc. while still wet so that the paint acts as a glue. (You can varnish the geode after a week of drying.)


Option 2. Direct painting: Paint acrylic on the canvas or cradled board in a geode design. Then embellish with lines of glitter etc.

DO NOT USE rubber cement, tacky glue, a glue gun or Mod Podge. Those are not archival DO NOT USE RESIN unless you bring respirators for the whole class.

Option 3. Dried pour - bring an old small painting to embellish into a geode design. Follow the embellishment directions under option #2.


Instruction is FREE but bring your own supplies! (see optional pouring support kit below)

Doors open at 6:30 pm. Free demonstration starts at 7:05 pm so don't be late.

Please do some research into geode design before you come, and bring inspiration pictures or links on Pinterest. FYI: For inspiration, see the videos on the playlist Pouring Paint - Geodes

Note that most of the design ideas for geodes work with resin but we can do the same with regular acrylic pouring. If you want that glossy resin look, apply a varnish or resin at home. See the playlist



1. Small canvases 12x12 or smaller. Or cradled boards — small wood painting panels are available at Michaels and Asel’s. Be sure to gesso or prime wood panels.

2. Acrylic paint in several colors, including black or white. Bring metallics also.

3. Embellishments: Your choice: Glitter in several colors, sizes; micro glass beads; mica flakes; gold or metallic flakes, etc. If using small stones or beads, use a very small canvas or a cradled board because larger canvases have too much flex to hold stones securely.

4. Glue for embellishments for Options 2 & 3: Larger items like stones, beads, flakes etc. will need gloss acrylic gel. Smaller items like glitter and mica can be mixed with gloss acrylic medium or a PVA (archival recommended). If doing Option 1, the wet paint will be sufficient to hold most objects.

5. Important! Bring trays or cardboard lids to move your wet paintings home. Poured paintings will take 2 or 3 days to dry. We will again have a drying table where you can leave small canvases for drying. Remember to pick up your paintings on Sunday.

6. Other supplies:
Pouring medium: (Floetrol) or PVA glue or Liquitex pouring medium or Golden pouring medium, etc.
Other: plastic gloves, stirring sticks, paper & plastic cups, paper towels, baby wipes, thumbtacks, etc.
Optional: pipettes to apply lines of paint; Posca pens or acrylic pens to make lines for Options 2 & 3
If you’re doing Option 3 above, bring a small dried pour painting.

NO RESIN! Why not resin in class?
Toxic fumes: respirators are recommended for working with resin, and the whole class would need them. You can always use resin later to varnish your painting.

The optional POURING SUPPORT KIT will be $5 and will include some supplies for a couple of small paintings: pouring medium (Floetrol) or PVA glue, plastic gloves, stirring sticks, pipettes, paper & plastic cups, paper towels, baby wipes, thumbtacks, & handout. I'll also share my silicone and kitchen torch. NOTE: the kit doesn't include paint, canvases, glitter, gloss acrylic medium or gel, and trays.

Bring your own supplies if you don't want to purchase the optional kit. RESERVE your kit by posting a comment or emailing [masked].