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Discovering Your Psychic Superpowers

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DFW IONS hosts "Quantum Doug" Matzke Ph.D presenting

Discovering Your Psychic Superpowers

We all know people with "gifts" and may even experience our own special abilities at times.

Doug's favorite question when talking to people about psychic experiences is to ask "What is your superpower?". Everyone has superpowers, even if their individual beliefs may hinder their development.

This talk is for you, whether you disbelieve in superpowers because "science says it impossible" or you already know one of your superpowers. Doug will discuss the science behind how the mind can not be chemical, electromagnetic, neurological or any other classical physics based matter/energy mechanism.

The newest research consistently demonstrates the mind and thoughts are informational, non-local in space, not bound to time, vibrational, high dimensional and can directly interact with the physical world.

Doug's theory is "superpowers" are possible due to the quantum nature of minds, thoughts and subtle energy. Meaning and intention only exists in the high dimensional quantum mind, which is the mechanism behind Law of Attraction.

We will open the floor discuss our individual superpowers and discuss the quantum mind principles supporting those abilities. Doug will demonstrate one of his own superpowers. You we leave this meeting with a stronger understanding and belief that we are all eternal spiritual beings with quantum minds where superpowers are natural and expected.


Doug Matzke has a Ph.D. in quantum computing and has studied metaphysics topics for over 30 years. Doug creates an interesting synthesis of computation models of consciousness and spiritual ideas by using quantum science to give more insight about our individual models of the universe. He is an enthusiastic, entertaining and thought provoking speaker. See more about Quantum Doug at (