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Health Optimization in a Toxic World: Learn and Share Healthy Lifestyle Choices
The research is clear. The first alternative, that we owe ourselves, is to use natural means to maintain and restore our health. No one else is responsible for this - not even our doctors or nutritionists or anyone else. Therefore, we seek to uncover research - in many cases, hidden research -- that directs us to optimum health using the most natural means possible. Each person is different, so we cannot prescribe for everyone, but let's point out the validated research that others have done or are doing so we can all make the best natural health decisions possible. Dale, the principal organizer, has totally reversed diabetes and will have his story published soon including over 20 published studies on various approaches to diabetes reversal -- all natural and relatively easy to understand. Dale believes that nature comes from a God who created it all just so we can have the best medicine ready and waiting for us to use. Our job? Learn together and Share with each other Bring your laptop or tablet to connect to the internet and explore some of the research for yourself. Dale's science background and tenacity for the real story on health issues will help affirm all Natural Health Enthusiasts. See you there. Click Join and RSVP for our next scheduled meetup.

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Anyone interested in learning about and sharing research as well as real-life personal experiences on reversing or controlling any health concern naturally -- type 2 diabetes, arthritis, severe anxiety disorder, cholesterol, high blood pressure -- with food and lifestyle adjustments. Anyone who realizes that there is much to learn about healthy living and is willing to learn and share with a group of like-minded enthusiasts for the benefit of all who are willing.

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