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This group helps you to meet interesting and meaningful new people in the comfy setting of home dinner parties. The host chooses a theme and prepares the main dish or a full menu. The guests can bring the drinks, tableware still short of, a home-made starter or dessert, or any other item on the host’s wish list, as compensation. Fun, efficient and enriching!


It's important to make potential guests feel comfortable about where they will end up. These best practices allow you to attract more attendees.

(1) Make sure you have a clear profile picture and a basic description of yourself. The better you show the world who you are in a short paragraph, the closer guests will match your own personality.

(2) Message the Meetup Organizer to make you an Event Organizer. Once you have approval, you can use this meetup to host your own home dinner parties.

(3) Upload ONE picture of your home interior so potential guests will feel comfortable about the nice and clean place they will go to.

(4) Is smoking allowed inside or outside? Do you have pets? Is there (payed) parking space available?

(5) List which food you will prepare, and potentially which you would like the guests to bring.

(6) List the price that guests will have to pay for the home dinner party. It can be free, you can charge only the cost of the ingredients or you can ask the guests to bring (part of the) food

---===DO NOT accept attendees if you don't feel comfortable about them!===---

You have no obligation whatsoever to accept anyone. This is your home, and although the chances are minimal, always keep in mind that there are people with not-so-good intentions. Report anything unusual to me please.

We always encourage guests to:

(1) have a clear profile picture (a matter of respect towards the organizing host to show who you are, no cartoons or avatars) and basic description of yourself so the host can see if you have things in common.

(2) be on time, correct and stick to your promises

(3) always respects the host's efforts to give people a good time and always respects the host's property. Don't drink too much alcohol. Nobody wants a drunk "funny" man or woman. A good rule of thumb is to not drink more than 4 beers or glasses of wine.

(4) Don't drink and drive. Call a taxi to bring you home if needed.

Enjoy the cooking, and enjoy the dinner party!

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