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獨樂樂不如眾樂樂,一個人玩不如一大班人玩。每個weekend都有唔同的主題,除左可以認識新朋友,擴闊自己的社交圈子外,仲可以學整唔同的小禮物,快d 來關注吓我哋有咩好玩又有趣的活動啦!
it is not as easy for one person to play as a large group of people. Each weekend has its own theme. Apart from knowing new friends and broadening their social circle, also you can learn all sorts of small gifts . Quickly pay attention to activities and have fun !

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Badminton just for Fun ( free of charge)

Clubhouse, the Coronation

陳柏宇 26/9 正能量講座(免費)



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