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Chill at Spiderhouse, bring a project for show & tell or just hang out
Keeping it small and casual, come hang and have a drink at Spiderhouse, feel free to bring laptops or projects in progress for show & tell. I recently started a membership with ATX Hackerspace so I've been having fun with laser cutting so I'm working on a laser cut instrument body for Arduino instruments. In the future we might meet at the hackerspace, check for more info. I'm currently working on using Adafruit's arduino-based featherboards for custom MIDI instruments that can send note and CC data over bluetooth, if you want to play with Arduino and USB-MIDI pick up an Arduino UNO (only the Uno and above can do USB-midi), a Teensy or a Adafruit Feather, all available on Amazon. • What we'll do Casual meet and hangout, bring stuff to hack on, laptops welcome • What to bring Laptop if you want, projects in any state of completion

Spider House

2906 Fruth St · Austin