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We seek to democratize the recording process by educating, equipping and empowering the DIY recording community. Join us!

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Tips and Tricks for Adding Effects to Your Mix Without Spending Money

During this meetup we will: 1. Announce the winner(s) of the mix contest, listen to their mix and do a quick Q&A with them to understand how they went about it. 2. Look at how to spice up your mix without using any fancy plug-ins. Some examples include: reverse reverb cymbal and vocal effects, stereo widening tricks, adding a 3rd dimension to your mix by using reverbs and delays, parallel processing for subtle effects, bus processing. 3. Talk about our favorite plug-ins: What are plug-ins? which ones are worth the investment? How many plug-ins do you have? How many do you use regularly?

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The Mastering Process Demystified and Explained

Parkway Central Library

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