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Content creators, are facing content monetization challenges. Lino aims to create a decentralized autonomous content economy by leveraging the blockchain technology. In this economy, content value can be recognized efficiently, and all contributors can be incentivized in a more direct and effective manner that helps promote long-term economic growth for individual creators and for content creation generally.

DLive is the largest live streaming platform on the blockchain. DLive has become home to streamers from all areas of content creation, from gaming to lifestyle vlogging.

This Meetup group was created for people interested in connecting with fellow content creators and/or people who enjoy viewing streams as a form of entertainment here in the Bay Area and are interested in DLive as a platform.

Meetups will be held in San Francisco in a friendly casual environment (probably at a bar/restaurant) and everyone who is interested in DLive, Lino, content creation as a whole or anyone looking to make friends is welcome!

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