• PREZCON 2020

    Needs a location


  • ScrumCon 2020

    Silver Spring Civic Building

    Scrum Con 2020 has an official date and better, bigger location! Date: Saturday February 29, 2020 Location: Silver Spring Civic Building at Veterans Plaza Updates soon on https://sites.google.com/view/scrum-con/home

  • Frederick, MD - BFGcon

    Clarion Inn & Event Center (Frederick, MD)

    Visit http://bfgcon.com for details

  • DERail

    Embassy Suites by Hilton Newark Wilmington South

    Games Played at DERail13 (but any train-themed games are eligible) 1761, 1822, 1822CA, 18Dixie, 1822MX, 1837, 1846, 1862, 1867, 1871, 1880, 18GB, 18NY, Age of Steam, Australian Rails, Auztralia, Baltimore & Ohio, British Rails, Chicago Express, Empire Builder, Freight Train, Great Western Trail, India Rails, Iron Dragon, Last Spike, MetroX, Nippon Rails, On the Underground, Orient Express, Railroad Dice, RR Tycoon (Australia, East US, Europe, NE Corridor, Great Britain, Nippon, North America, Texas, thru Time, & Mexico), Russian RRs, Santa Fe Rails, Spike, Steel Driver, Streetcar, Ticket to Ride (US, Asia, Europe, Switz., Rails & Sails, Nordic, NY, & PA), Trains, Trains & Stations, Trambahn, TransAmerica, TransEuropa, Union Pacific, & Yard Master

  • Congress of Gamers Spring Session

    Rockville Senior Center

    Tournament play, open gaming, special events, no-ship math trade, games library, and more. http://congressofgamers.org

  • Game Days

    Tall Cedars-Lebanon-North Amer


  • Spring Fling

    Washington Dulles Airport Marriott

    Spring Fling Gaming Convention is a growing into its 5th year. The 2020 con has larger venue, is 3-days long, and expands gaming, vendor, and industry participation. Board games (tournaments, demos, Play & Win, and general gaming), tabletop miniature games (Guild Ball, etc), and roleplaying games (Aetherium RPG, more). https://www.facebook.com/SpringFlingCon/ http://springfling.coda.net/

  • Congress of Gamers Summer Session

    Rockville Senior Center


  • World Boardgaming Championships

    Seven Springs Mountain Resort

    Only "next door" to the DMV, but since so many gamers in this area are attending, I'm adding it to the list. This is my favorite con! http://www.boardgamers.org/

  • Board Game Cruise

    Cruise Maryland Terminal

    Cruise from Baltimore to Bermuda. http://emsps.com/cog/cruise