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We do it all. Work. Play. Love. Learn. Succeed. Teach. Try. Repeat. We play many different roles every day, let alone in our lives. In order to be our best selves, it is important we have support and understanding. It is also important we educate ourselves in the areas of our lives that may have the biggest impact on ourselves and our loved ones: Our health, our business, our happiness, our money, our relationships, our education.

This group will serve as a way to support men and women who want to be and may already be a living example for others. You care about others AND yourself. You want to better yourself. You're open minded. You bring value to the table that others can learn from. You listen. You're never finished learning. You want to make money and grow your business. You want to help others. You want to be the healthiest you. You want financial independence. You want a comfortable retirement. You want time to yourself to just relax.

Events this group will host can provide you, as a business owner, consultant or professional, with an opportunity to network and meet like-minded individuals in our area. Many of the events will focus on education around the financial aspect of your business, including seminars and workshops, while other events will be more casual and focus on connecting and building relationships. Some events will just be a good ol' fashioned happy hour (got to feed the soul too!)

I will only be sharing events for those that we know. Please message us if you'd like an event shared and we've connected.

Cost: Some events will be complimentary and others may include a fee for lunch. Please see the event details.

RSVPS: RSVPs will normally be required to attend as space is limited. Please see each event detail section for more directions.

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