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Evaluating Other Investments & Retirement Options in a Volatile Market
How much of your investments and 401(k) retirement plan is affected by market volatility? The Dow Jones Industrial Average has been on a roller coaster these past weeks.... What does market volatility like that even do to a 401(k) plan or other investments? The answer isn’t so simple. There’s a very good chance every retirement account will be affected by the volatility, since some portion of even the best diversified plans will be tied to equities. To be more precise, how much of an impact the volatility has depends on what funds employees are invested in, how much of their portfolios are allocated to those investments, and when they plan to retire. Just to let you know all is not lost as there are other safe investment options..... For more insight, I highly recommend you to read "The Retirement Miracle" by Patrick Kelly "A must read for those who want to salvage their retirement. This book will show you how to grow your money with zero market risk, access your retirement dollars tax-free and leave an income-tax free inheritance to your heirs." Join us for a Q&A session on Fixed Indexed Accounts & the "Retirement Miracle" as we evaluate other investment & retirement options in a volatile market. Guest Speaker: Emelia Marfo-Sarbeng, CPA, MBA Registered Representative, Transamerica To enable us plan for our space needs and secure a sizable room, kindly RSVP at your earliest convenience but no later than November 10.

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April is Financial Literacy Month and a great time to focus on financial education, and launch the DMV Financial Literacy Forum. The DMV Financial Literacy Forum will empower people with the financial knowledge they need to build a better future through free monthly seminars. The seminars will be organized by a team of financial professionals who are committed to giving back to the community.

Some of the topics to be discussed will include:

How Money Works;
Strategies and Options for Avoiding Medical Debt, the No. 1 Reason People File for Bankruptcy;
College Funding Strategies for Zero Debt;
Options and Strategies for Maximizing Your Retirement Plan: Exploring a Tax Free Retirement Plan

Professionals in the DMV area interested in "financial preparedness" are welcome to attend- "A lack of financial preparedness has huge societal costs, and in the coming years as Americans age, these costs will likely increase. There are daunting challenges facing not only the poor but also the working middle class." Forbes, (2018)

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