What we're about

- This group is primarily geared to men in the Washington, DC Metro Area.

- We are about touching and being touched by men! Men enjoying massage - therapeutic, sensual, erotic, deep tissue, etc.

- We encourage members to set up one on one and group massages with each other. The organizer will host periodic massage meetup groups but don't wait for those to occur! Get to know other members and start setting up massages. Need help, have questions or want to set something up? Contact the organizer!

- This is NOT a hook-up site for sex. Please do not post sexual "hook-up" posts to the group. They will be deleted and you will be asked to leave the group.

- These are massage exchanges NOT massage classes. We are not licensed masseurs or massage teachers. The experience levels of members vary and the most we can provide are very basic tips and instructions.

- Safe spaces, diversity and, yes, LOVE. All boundaries are respected but the group is primarily geared toward gay, straight and bi men.

- Key words: Friendship, INTIMACY! Communication, Connection, Fulfillment. Good intentions and pleasurable outcomes. Exploring and relaxing in the presence of like-minded guys.

This meetup group is a platform for men who enjoy giving and receiving massages to other men in pairs and/or small group settings. This exploration of man to man touch can include sensual and/or erotic touch, therapeutic massage, deep tissue massage, and many others. This group encourages all of these methods and honors the boundaries of all participants. The massage session is your own! (I’ve included some DOs and DON’Ts at the end of this section.)

The group organizer hosts meetup events periodically at his home but this meetup also encourages you to set up one on one as well as group massages with other members. If you are looking/willing to host a group, feel free to contact the organizer for assistance. In the meantime, you can use the discussion board to schedule massages with other guys.

Just to get to know you it is encouraged that your Meetup profile for this group contain a face picture of you. Because of the nature of the group, we understand if this is not possible but it does help us get to know you :)

Below is a general description of what most of the group sessions are like. The members of this group are of varying massage backgrounds and experience levels. Contact the group organizer if you have questions and suggestions on how to make the group better. We are always looking for ways to increase group participation!


The massage sessions are usually 2-3 guys per table (The organizer has 2 tables and could probably accommodate a 3rd). One guy receives a massage from the other 2 guys (15 mins on the front side and 15 mins on the backside). After the 30 mins, the guy on the table switches with one of the other guys and then gives a massage (or two). This repeats until everyone has received a massage. You can have the experience that you want. Nudity is not required. For example, you could wear a tank top and boxers, a jockstrap, or simply briefs. It's whatever makes you the most comfortable... but most guys are naked.

The lights are dim, there's incense burning and peaceful music playing. The atmosphere is calm, quiet and sensual. Yes, some guys get aroused during the session and there are often happy endings. These are good thing!...nevertheless, there are real massages that occur. Again it's all about your boundaries and the experience you want to have.

If you are new to massages and massage exchanges, don't be shy! The host is not a professional masseur and neither are most of the other members. Newer members are usually paired up with more experienced members so they can watch, learn and explore. Feel free to ask questions and explore with others. A large part of massage is instinctual and as long as you keep checking in with your partner(s), asking questions and engaging in ALL aspects of the experience, it will be a great massage!

DO'S and DON'Ts

DO your best to relax and have fun! If you have negative body issues (like many of us do), sensual and serene massage may help you accept yourself by allowing you to give and receive touch from other men.

DO RSVP early and change your RSVP immediately if you canNOT make it.

DO arrive freshly showered. Keep in mind, in most cases, you can use the shower there, if available.

DO arrive at the scheduled time. We try not to interrupt the massage sessions once they start.

DO be considerate and respectful of other guys.

DO enjoy each moment of giving and receiving touch. If you like what you are feeling, say so!

DO drink lots of water. It's easy to get dehydrated during and after a massage exchange.

DON’T expect guys to “serve” you. Massaging involves giving and receiving touch. If you are interested in only receiving a massage, please say so up front and, perhaps, schedule a one-on-one massage (as opposed to attending a group session) with a member who is ok with giving massage without reciprocation.

DON’T meetup (one on one) with men that you do not know and trust. Your safety is of the utmost importance. Be careful.

DON’T be afraid of arousal. We are men it happens. It’s ok!

DON’T be rude or judgmental of others.

DON’T have any open wounds or rashes.

DON'T act overly aggressive. Leave those attitudes at home. This is about chilling out and feeling bliss.

DON’T discuss the session and/or the names of the people who attend. There’s a reason this Meetup group is private.

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