AL - Sean K - Tales from the Yawning Portal (Tier 2)

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Come in and enjoy the atmosphere at The Yawning Portal! Buy yourself a drink! Meet Durnan, the innkeeper! Place bets on adventurers foolish enough to descend into the Undermountain! Maybe take a peek down there yourself?

Attack on Waterdeep! Weeks ago, a menagerie of villains, lead by a curious lich, attacked the port city. Accompanying Bones Malone and his Spook Troupe was an elf with skin of bark, a mighty black dragon, a mummified centaur, a wight wielding a menacing black sword, a powerful red wizard, and a tribe of giants. While their motives remain unknown, the effects are clear: many powerful individuals have been attacked, their souls captured in magical gems. With the majority of the city's resources dedicated to defending from the giants, Durnan has offered free stay to anyone venturing into the Undermountain, where he suspects these attacks are coming from.

The party end their well-deserved rest to learn that a beggar in Downshadow might have some information for them.