Call of Cthulhu (5e Rules) *Not AL* Session 1

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“It’s a small town life in Lichfield, and that won’t get in the way of an angry god who’s gonna strike it. But that’s what we’re paying for and that’s why we pray.” - Holidae Kitchen

Lichfield is the Salem of the Midwest. In the 1960s it was established as a commune for 168 naturalists to pursue jobs in organic pharmaceutical growth. When the State showed up to burn it down, they found nothing to burn. It was gone. Everyone and every thing vanished without a trace.

Since then, the town was rebuilt. In 1977 the FBI catalogued reports that agents had seen bizarre people suddenly appear out of thin air. Then there are the artifacts and Runestones in the 80s: Accidental discoveries that hint at a civilization older than Egypt’s Ancient wonders yet far more advanced and alien.

Explore the Mythos and learn the truth. But if you dare to gaze into the Mythos too deeply, you will be driven to madness as you give up everything to answer Cthulhu’s Call...

Lost, but not forgotten, REALMS C.E is a homebrew / 5e adaptation of Sandy Petersen’s Call of Cthulhu RPG. This is not AL.