Guidelines for a Smart Architecture & Why being a simple developer is not enough

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Guidelines for Creating a Smart Architecture (RO, all levels)

Software architecture plays a very important role in the delivery of successful software systems, yet it’s being neglected by many teams. The software architecture role exists on every team, however most of the time the “architecture” reflects wishful thinking rather than reality. Many teams think that they don’t need software architects, because they can “self-organize” and throw around words like “YAGNI”, “evolutionary architecture” and “emergent design”. Begin agile has a lot of benefits but it doesn’t take the responsibility of having just enough upfront design.

About the speaker:

Leonard Abu-Saa ( is Software Architect at AROBS Transilvania Software and a passionate photographer. He is a MCPD qualified IT professional with experience in IT support, programming, analysis and design, proving in-depth knowledge and experience in information system architecture, software design methodologies, patterns and object oriented design.

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Why being a simple developer is not enough? (RO, all levels)

Not a long time ago, the requirements of a software developer were pretty simple: write code, deliver new functionalities. Nowadays, this kind of requirements evolved, transforming a simple software developer in an entity capable of writing code, developing functionalities, creating architectures, designing, testing applications and delivering functionalities.This presentation will contain real projects examples, the challenges of a software developer in day to day work by using the latest technologies and solutions for achieving top performance in the software development life cycle.

About the speaker:

Ioan Sut is a Scrum Master and .NET Developer at VeInteractive, a product company, working on various .NET projects, using the latest technologies on the market. He believes that by expanding your knowledge areas every day, lots of benefits can be achieved both on professional and personal plans. He wants to share his learned lessons, as a software developer, in order to help others avoid making the same mistakes he did and to offer a different vision of software craftsmanship.



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18:15 - 19:00 - Guidelines for Creating a Smart Architecture (RO, all levels)

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19:15 - 20:00 - Why being a simple developer is not enough?

20:00 - 20:15 - Conclusions


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