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Calling all black folks in Portland!

Da Lab is all about cooking up connections because we know and believe that community is everything. Making and maintaining connections is the difference between just coming to a new place and staying long term. And we know that making friends as an adult can be difficult. Sometimes, you just want to chill with folks who look like you. Or maybe date someone who looks like you.

Da Lab also exists to facilitate transformative interactions to help deal with the pain, trauma, and hurt within the black community, while strengthening, uniting, and challenging our people. We hold events, outings, group dinners/dates, workshops and more to amplify the black community in and around Portland.

Past events (99)

Black Arts Festival 2020

Reed College

Junction Ave. A black owned business pop-up.

SEI Academy

Sneaker Week Fashion show

The Sentinel Hotel

House Party and Potluck at Michelle's Place

5259 NE 9th Ave

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