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Creating Positive Cultures to Drive Innovation and Success

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Happy New Year! The Dallas chapter of the ALN is back for our first meeting of 2013 after a break for the holidays. This month we're featuring a fascinating presentation on culture from one of our local industry leaders; Eric Nusbaum, Development Manager at RemitDATA. As usual there will be plenty of free food and opportunity to network. Please be sure to RSVP.


A company is a garden and as leaders we're tasked with cultivating the most important asset any successful company has: a healthy culture. The business community is waking up to the fact that companies with positive cultures have the best talent, which innovate and create industry leading products, which impact the bottom line. But how did they do it? How can I do it?

Understanding where we want to take our company, first we must look to those who have already walked the path with great success. We will present detailed examples of companies with positive cultures, how those cultures developed and what impact it had on of the individual employee and the company image as a whole. Then we start to tackle the big question: As A Leader, what is my role in the culture of my company and how can I work towards having people engaged, enabled and energized?

During this meetup, open two-way dialogue is encouraged as we explore the topic of company culture and how it impacts all aspects of a company, from acquiring new talent to the bottom dollar. We'll examine several examples of positive culture from different industries and take away from them action plans that anyone can begin implementing at their own company, no matter their level of leadership. By the end of this session, participants will have a clear understanding of their role in cultivating a positive company culture, the steps to start making positive, impactful changes at your own company (no matter toxicity of the culture) and know how to communicate the value of these changes to skeptics.


Eric Nusbaum is currently a Development Manager at RemitDATA. He started his technical career fourteen years ago in software development working on projects for sports franchises and Fortune 500 companies. Over time, he decided to join the ranks of management in order to provide his style of leadership to build positive cultures based on fun, openness and trust.


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