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What we’re about

Hypnotherapy Training with Good Vibes Hypnosis is available in multiple locations in Dallas and Houston as well as in Atlanta, Chicago and Phoenix. In March 2020 we began to offer our Online Live Interactive Hypnotherapy Training, in a powerful format that is different format than what many others offer, but very similar to our Live In Person Hypnotherapy Training.

In addition to the Live Interactive Hypnotherapy Training Online, the complete training program also includes Live In Person Hypnotherapy Training. The combination of the Live Online Training, the Live In Person Training and the Self Directed Study hours provide the student with what they need to become an effective Certified Hypnotherapist.

Some Hypnotherapy Trainers post videos online and when you sign up for their course you end up watching videos of them teach. Videos are great, but what about having your questions answered during the training? How do they deal with that? What about using what you have learned in class by hypnotizing the other students in supervised practice sessions?

Enter Zoom, the video conferencing system that has become very popular in recnet months. In our Live Online Interactive Hypnotherapy Training the students can ask questions, in fact there is a chat system that allows the students to log their questions when they come to mind. When I finish my thoughts, I answer their questions.

Zoom also includes breakout rooms, a very powerful feature that allows the instructor to send groups of 2 or 3 students to a private room where they can trade hypnosis sessions with one another. Doing the work is like going to graduate school. The students can page the instructor with any questions and the instrutor and teaching assistants can provide supervision as needed during these practice sessions.

This Hypnotherapy and NLP Practice Group provides an opportunity to learn more about Hypnosis and NLP techniques and to fine tune your skills by working with the others in attendance. For more information on our training, please visit our website. Just like we have moved part of our Hypnotherapy Training online, we plan to offer more online Dallas/Fort Worth Hypnosis Practice Group Meetups online as well.

This format for the Dallas/Fort Worth Hypnosis Practice Group was made popular in the early 2000's through a group called the Somnambulistic Sleepwalkers which was started by NYC Hypnotist John Petrocelli and Hypnotherapy Instructor Mark Cunningham (aka Major Mark). I actually attend a sleepwalkers meeting in Los Angeles at the American Council of Hypnotist Examiners conference in 2005 where my friend and I spent an evening hanging out and talking with John and Mark.

Our focus is on practicing techniques such as hypnotic inductions, deepeners and NLP processes with many partners so you get competent with the process very quickly. We cover a wide range of Hypnotic and NLP phenomena and topics drawing from Classical Hypnosis, Ericksonian Hypnosis, New Innovative Hypnosis Techniques as well as a variety of NLP processes and techniques.

Practice sessions will include topics such as:

    Self Hypnosis

    The Elman Induction

    Direct Suggestion

    Indirect Suggestion

    Rapid Inductions

    Instant Inductions

    NLP Fast Phobia Release

    Stage Hypnosis

    Erotic Hypnosis


    Super Depth

    Hypnotic Pain Management

    Hypnotic Regression

    Time Distortion


    Suggestibility Testing

    Post Hypnotic Suggestion

    Meta Model

    How to Hypnotize Your Lover

    Dual Induction

    Non-Verbal Induction

    Tests for Somnambulism


    Glove Anesthesia

    Hypnotic Models of the Mind

This is a hands-on hypnosis practice group. When you attend, you learn. In other words, Do the drills and you get the skills!

No prior experience necessary. All you need is curiosity, an open mind and a desire to learn Hypnosis and NLP techniques.