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You never know who will pop up at DHA. Last month we had April C. Wright (@aprilwright) and Jayson E. Street (@jaysonstreet)!

We now have a new segment, "one time on a..." If you're a pentester, then on a pentest. If you're a journalist or recruiter, then in an interview. If you're a Fed or LEO, then on a bust. These short, micro-stories fill the time while the next speaker is setting up their presentation. You have maybe 1-2 minutes. It's a lot of fun. Jayson Street told us all about how he robbed the wrong bank!

Also again this month Hans Anderson, the creator of "eXclusivOR" a high-octane scripted podcast focusing on cybersecurty awareness & education, will be back to record volunteers for his podcast in one of the karaoke rooms.

Finally, take the total number of DHA meetups in 2017 and divide it by the number of presentations you gave. If you get an error then it's time you stepped up to the microphone ;-)

What will you talk about?


If you are presenting, please make sure your slides and your display output can be set for 1080p resolution. If not, you can always bring your slides via a thumbdrive to present.
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