Wednesday, February 7, 2018


Are you going?

22 people going


• What we'll do
If there is a problem with this DHA notification it's because of Meetup's forced conversion to the new format.

Last month we had another surprise guest. WanderingGlitch from the mothership (AHA!) is attempting to talk at every Texas HA in a single month. We were his first stop. He was part of a full docket of excellent talks!

Since the 1st Wednesday this month is after the 1st Thursday, we're gauging interest in making a group trip to HAHA! (Houston) on February 1st.

The Pirate Box is back! There will also be a brand new Capture the Flag (CTF) platform this month. Come out and play!

If you've been enjoying the presentations, but haven't stepped up to the mic yet, consider doing so this month. The two most common reasons we hear for avoidance are a lack of self-confidence and not having anything relevant to talk about. Let's put those to rest right now.

1) DHA is Toastmasters for geeks. There are some really good speakers at Toastmasters, just as there are at DHA, but there are also a lot of folks at both who feel like throwing up just at the thought of public speaking. Many more than you'd probably guess. Don't worry, Family Karaoke is a bar - they have mops ;-) Just do it! Before you know it, you'll have multiple talks under your belt.

2) To a hacker, most things are relevant. I would wager that at least a few attendees are interested in the topic you're thinking about. Besides it's only 10-minutes, nobody will be upset.

That said, there are differences between us and AHA! We consider showing up participation...

• What to bring
If you want to present then bring your laptop (make sure your slides and your display output can be set for 1080p resolution). Alternatively there is a Windows box you can use that can read FAT32 formatted USBs.

If you want to participate in the CTF bring your laptop.

The lockpick village has picks and locks to learn/practice on, or bring your own.

If you just want to eat and drink while watching us make fools of ourselves, entry is free and Family Karaoke has a great menu!

• Important to know

1) Don't hack the venue!
2) Don't hack other attendees without consent.
3) Don't enter any room not marked DHA (even if you're invited)!
4) Don't talk about anything illegal.
5) Don't smoke inside the venue (vape respectfully).
6) Do tip well!
7) Do participate!
8) Do have fun!

Finally, be excellent to each other! Ideas are dangerous and DHA is not a safe zone, but we will not tolerate members making others feel unwelcome because they look, think, or act differently.