New Awakenings & Transformations Circle - InPowered Living at CSLDallas


New Awakenings & Transformations
Learning and Sharing Circle
a safe space to ask questions and share experiences
(a monthly discussion group)
Led by Rob Brite -

Stage 1: Turmoil
Have you recently gone through a significant, life-changing situation?
Or, perhaps something similar from your past keeps haunting you in your present showing up within current relationships and situations?

Stage 1+: (an alternative softer starting/restarting place)
Frustrations dissatisfaction/fulfillment – wanting/looking for something more/deeper

Stage 2: Strong asking; Opening up / allowing different possibilities / choosing. Pursuing different paths / trying something new / doing things differently

Stage 3: Regaining your footing
Perhaps a higher guidance /perspectives from within & without, has been trying to reach through to you to help you open to some higher perspectives. When and how challenges transform into blessings & awakenings

Stage 4: Awakening, now what?
Making sense of it all. Assimilating your new found insights and perspectives into your day to day life.
Finding and engaging more with your new tribe
Maintaining and engaging your continuing relationships in better ways

Stage 5: What are my new passions? Where do I go, and do going forward?

InPowered Living Expanding Pathways - once a month on the first Tuesdays 7pm to 9pm. (These are free events)

The Dallas Center for Spiritual Living can be hard to find as it has a Spring Valley address but is located off of International Parkway. 4801 Spring Valley Rd Suite 113, Dallas, TX 75244

Follow the InPowered Living Meetup signs to the classrooms located down the open breezeway to the double glass doors on the left (Suite 113)

Rob Brite

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