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Jambo Fellow Law of Atraction Practicers

This month we will be listening to Mike Dooley's second cd " Beliefs" from his 12 cd series of Infinite Possibilities- The Art of Living Your Dreams. Last month we listened to his first cd " Thoughts become Things". Although it is a series each cd has a different subject so if you miss a cd you wont be behind. There will be a hand out on each cd to help you follow along. A lively discussion will follow. If you would like to bring some munchies, please indicate when you rsvp. I will provide coffee, water, ice, plates and cups. As entertaining as my dog Hershee was last month, he will be crated during the upcoming meetings.

( excerpt from Mike Dooley cd's) If someone told you the truth aboutlife, reality, and the powers you possessed, would you recognize it as the truth? If someone offered you the keys to the kingdom of your wildest dreams, would you accept them? It might not be so easy, given our immersion in a society that tells us, reminds us and insists that we're limited aging creatures who live lives between luck and fate, in a hard unforgiving world. But the truth and this will probably ring bells in your heart of hearts, is that we are Infinite and Powerful, fun loving gladiators of the Universe: Adventurers just being human with eternity before us and the power of our thoughts to help shape it.

There could be no better time than now, at this crossroads in history, to discover the truth about who you are and all that you can be which is the purpose behind Infinite Possibilities-art of living your dreams" The mission throughout these cd's is to remind you of how Powerful you are, how far you can reach,and how much you deserve so that you can begin thriving as the giant you are in a kingdom where you have indeed been given dominion over all things.

Blood, sweat, and tears aren't what it takes to see your dreams come true. Imagination, belief, and expectation are needed. And when these are aligned with your heart's desires, your're then drawn into action, circumstances and coincidences that make dream manifestation inevitable. This is the way it's always been in time and space, and by discovering the simple principles that make it so, you can begin using them in a Universe conspiring on your behalf.

Please Join us so that you too can discover how the art of living your dreams was meant to be.