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Pat and Roberts excellent adventure:: Good time and Candidate Recruitment Lunch

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4440 Lawnview · Dallas, TX

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The yard gate (in the back) should be open. REMEMBER it looks like a business from the front.

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We are going to through some dogs on the grill and get our wagons aligned for the coming races, so please come on out to my house and meet Robert and Pat and even... god forbid.... sign up to RUN FOR OFFICE!
Here is the info:

Texas Libertarians Tour State to Rally Candidates and Support County Affiliates

Libertarian Party of Texas (LPT) officials are planning a three-month, 24-city tour through Texas to recruit local candidates and support their county parties in the 2010 elections. The public and the media are invited to attend.

"It's time to stop complaining about politics as usual. You can run for office yourself," said Robert Butler, Executive Director of the Libertarian Party of Texas. "It's fun, and it's easier than you think!"

Butler and LP Texas Chair Patrick Dixon will travel from Tyler to El Paso; Amarillo to Brownsville. Along the way, they will help candidates and county parties organize their efforts and become more efficient. Butler will present his new book, 18 Steps to Win a Local Election.

Dixon announced, "We aim to break all prior records and challenge as many incumbent
politicians as possible. Over 200 potential candidates have already volunteered."

In 2008, 173 Libertarian nominees were on the November ballot.

"Our goal this year is to help Texans channel their political frustration into practical and effective campaign action. We will introduce the Libertarian Party and its objectives. Then we will provide 'nuts and bolts' political training," said Dixon. "We'll have all the necessary paperwork to sign up candidates."