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Vajra Yoga is the confluence of centuries of ancient Indian, Chinese, and Tibetan practices. It is a complete practice cycle, and is sufficient to achieve and maintain total body-mind fitness. It includes self-massage and acupressure, postures, stretching, dynamic movement, breathwork, gestures, locks, mantra recitation, progressive relaxation, and meditative contemplation, to center the practitioner and align body, energy, and mind. Vajra Yoga hones the practitioner’s faculties and supports the manifestation of natural perfection.

Tashi Nyima teaches five major sequences of Vajra Yoga: the Body Flow ( Trul Khor ), a thorough approach to physical health; the Energy Flow ( Zha Lun ), a gentle practice to correct and enhance the flow of prana, or vital force; the Seven Healing Breaths ( Rog Zhol ), to remove energetic obstructions and ‘place’ the vital force; the Mind Flow ( Sang Wa Sum ), a combined calm abiding and insight meditational practice; and Metabolic Yoga ( Tummo ), a dynamic and intense physical practice —the original interval training— that enhances metabolism, expands heart and lung capacity, and strengthens muscles.

No previous experience or fitness level is required. There is no competition, no striving, and no ultimate goal to be attained. All can derive benefit from these practices.

Suggested donation: $10-$20