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Allowing Well-Being for ourselves is the key for moving into a state of higher vibration and greater well-being. The intention of this group is bringing like-minded participants together, who are focused on Well-Being for themselves and others, and who are willing to live and share the wonders of Energy Healing by Touch. Our location is charged with harmonic vibrations and offers a tranquil, cozy, relaxing environment in which we remind each other of the state of Universal Well-Being in which we live: a state where effort and trying are replaced with relaxing and allowing, a state where worthiness is not earned, but simply accepted. REIKI and LAYING ON OF HANDS will serve as means for softening resistance to that what we desire most: Well-Being. When you are in a state of complete alignment and no resistance is present within you, the absence of negative emotion is the indication of your complete alignment with source. In this state the innate energy is flowing and is affecting the emotional, physical, mental and spiritual aspect of your being.

People who lovingly share their experiences in the area of healing and well-being, listening to thoughts in regards to selected topics, Reiki and The Laying On Of Hands in small or larger groups for the purpose of reminding the recipient of allowing healing energy to flow. Guided Meditation or simply centering in a group to the sounds of Relaxing Music. A comfortable and fully equipped table along with Diffused Essential Oils seeking to unify Mind, Body & Soul to enhance the innate healing process of the attending members.

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