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According to Vedic Spirituality practices, one has many paths to choose originated from three main divisions – Tantra (not Tantric sex), Mantra, and Yantra. They all can be interrelated and one can certainly perform all three divisions simultaneously to achieve bliss, clairvoyance and liberation. In Mantra (study of cosmic science), one chants mantras to invoke Kundalini Shakti to uplift spirituality. In Tantra (application of cosmic science), one has to get Diksha (initiation) for a particular deity and perform rigorous worship through their faith and dedication. In Yantra (application of cosmic science), one performs systematic ritualistic worship (puja) of an holy instrument embedded with Divine energy to gain infinite momentum towards spirituality to gain health, wealth and Divine love.

Shri Yantra is known as the Yantra Raj, “The King of all Yantras”. When you worship Sri Yantra overtime it stimulates the pineal gland (an important ally for intuition & spiritual wellbeing), commonly referred as “3rd Eye Chakra or Ajana Chakra”. And this stimulation increases the alpha brain wave activity ultimately opening your third eye and become a self-realized being. Maha Meru or Shri Meru Chakra, is a three-dimensional holy instrumental projection of Shri Yantra. It is known as the “Mother of all Mandalas”. It is the communion of all Divine Energies and all traditions. It is the key to unlock all doors of life providing abundance of Divine wisdom and comforting all aspects of life. Many people place Shri Yantra in the place of worship, business, home, etc. to receive continuous emission of divine cosmic energies.

Shri Chakra Puja or Yantra Puja is the worship of the Divine Energy in a diagrammatic form with 9 triangles arranged in a specific geometric pattern. It is merely to be performed on Shri Yantra to receive its benefits. This type of worship exists in a lot of the other parts of the world also. It has been widely popular as the symbols or geometric figures. These symbols are regarded as devices that can be used to balance the mind and also helps in focusing on the spiritual concepts. There are several layers of the Puja process which have to be mastered and passed through before starting the next one. One has to learn the detailed Puja Vidhi (worship process) to perform Shri Chakra Puja from a realized master to be able to enjoy all benefits.

This meetup is for those who wants to learn this sacred ancient art of worship and energize Shri Yantra, Shri Meru or Shri Chakra. You will be able to receive Panchadasi Mantra Diksha and Sodashi Mantra Diksha.

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