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AR .22 Carbine matches provide a tactical format for semi automatic rifles using .22lr rimfire ammunition. Using barricades to simulate combat conditions, you'll engage a variety of targets including cardboard silhouettes, static steel plates, fall-forward poppers, and knock-off miniature plates.

There are typically 4 or 5 stages with a total of 125-150 rounds. Any clip fed .22lr semi auto rifle can be used. Either 10 round or high capacity magazines can be used. Please bring 4-5 10 round mags or 2-3 high cap mags. Rifles must remain in their cases until instructed by a range officer to remove it.

It is recommended you arrive by 9AM, so you can register and get your Range Officer assignment.


Dallas Pistol Club's web site does not specify, but if it's like their Steel Challenge match it's $20.

This is a DPC event.
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