What we're about

This group is for people who are particularly interested in learning about technical analysis. I have been trading actively since 2007, and have been reading some of the classic books on trading and technical analysis. The goal in setting up this group is to learn and teach through interaction with others.

The structure of the meetings will be to get together and discuss a particular subject in technical analysis in each meeting. After discussing the definition and intuition of an indicator, we will each pay particular attention to that indicator during our trading until the next meeting. The following meeting will include trader comments on last week's concept as it relates to their trading experiences for the past few weeks. And then we'll discuss a new concept or indicator to observe until the next meeting.

Group members who are specialized on certain topics will be encouraged to give presentations.

Who is a good fit for Dallas Traders Group?

To ensure that you'll enjoy your membership to this group, please pay attention to the following points before joining.

Your trading style: You can be a short-term day trader or a long-term investor, however, you must be interested in technical analysis to join this group.

Instruments: You can be a stock, etf, forex, or derivatives trader. However, the group meetings will focus on technical analysis tools rather than a particular instrument.

Your trading experience: You must have already traded for at least one year. Your interest in technical analysis is more important than your actual experience. However, if you have long term experience and very well-versed in technical analysis, you might find this group to be somewhat introductory. If this is the case we would especially like to have you as you can also give presentations on a thing or two.

Your view of the markets: This group is not for perma-bears or perma-bulls. Naturally, we all have a long term view of the market that leans towards one side more than the other. However, our discussions will be based on a balanced and objective analysis of the markets on any given day.

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