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December 1st: Sketching UX Workshop

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Price: $79.00 /per person
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As a designer, you can jump start your projects by sketching and critiquing with your project team. You can harness the power of individual thinking and avoid the pitfalls of "design by committee" by learning some proven methods and techniques. In this approach, you will also learn how to build consensus towards your final project vision of the User Experience.

What You Will Learn....
Learn how to create ideas faster with these quick sketching methods:
- Understand how to sketch within a Design Studio
- How to use short bursts of focused sketching to generate idea
- Learn about 4 rules to use when you generate your sketches
- What data you need to focus your sketching efforts

Learn how to give and receive feedback with these methods:
- What are 4 rules for critiquing ideas and sketches
- Ways to control the conversation to help people focus on the work
- How to reach a consensus in a design studio
- Techniques to get useful discussions with competing interests

Learn how to structure Design Studios to be more effective with:
- Understanding roles and responsibilities for participants
- How to effectively sketch and critique within a Design Studio
- Methods to encourage individual creativity and group consensus
- How to handle conflicts in humorous and non-judgmental ways

Learn how to build consensus and focus team decisions:
- Reasons for inviting a cross-function team
- Voting rules throughout the entire process
- Ways to prioritize solutions, especially when reaching a final decision
- When is the best time to do a Design Studio

Who should attend….
Anyone involved in designing a website or app, which includes designers, developers, marketers, writers, editors, project managers, start-ups, and VPs can all benefit from this workshop. Experienced professionals will get a great UX tune-up in this workshop. You will learn about different ways to conduct Design Studios based upon the latest trends and research. For newbies, this workshop provides a great foundation for performing Design Studios.


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