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Are you N? Then you've come to the right place! Based on the personality theory by Carl Jung and others through the Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI), we're a meetup group with a common MBTI personality trait: iNtuition (xNxx).

Intuitives (N's) tend to be big-picture people who are imaginative, future-oriented, and enjoy discussing theories and abstract concepts, and they make up 15% (or less) of the population.

Our group brings together N's across the Dallas metroplex, allowing them to make new friends, network, and explore new ideas in relaxed environments. Join us for meaningful and intuitive conversation as we have fun visiting at interesting places around the north Dallas area!

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We look forward to meeting you,

-Pete (ENTP)

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Reflection Sunday: Intuiting Online Together

Online event

For those who may have missed last Sunday's MBTI 101 lesson or anyone who would like a review, I would like to give a quick refresher early in this meeting. (It'll focus specifically on the functions and nomenclature.) Afterwards, we will continue our open discussion format with a few broad topics. Here are some topics for our meeting: * The 8 Cognitive Functions * Pattern Practice: 4-Letter MBTI >> Cognitive Stack and Cognitive Stack >> 4-Letter MBTI * TBA - open to suggestions! I look forward to being with y'all again! [Zoom meeting link will be posted...]

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101: MBTI and the Jungian Cognitive Functions

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