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Learn how to make Raw Chocolates that are healthy for you and packed full of nutrient-dense superfoods!

Did you know you can satisfy your chocolate cravings, and at the same time, flood your body with nutrient-dense superfoods and adaptogenic herbs that are rich in essential fatty acids, minerals, neurotransmitter precursors, hormone precursors and immunity enhancers? chocolate and sweets no longer has to be an indulgence that compromises your health and fills you up with unwanted empty calories. These healthy raw chocolate delicacies can be a regular staple in your diet that enhance your energy, uplift your mood, nourish your body and crowd out many of the less-than-ideal chocolate and sweets options available on the market.

Come learn how to create a variety of Raw Chocolates that contain so many essential nutrients they can truly be a meal replacement (and often are for us), with no filler ingredients or empty calories. Every single ingredient used satisfies specific nutrient requirements and gives blissful mood boosts, while at the same time rounding out the decadent flavor and texture of these yummy little morsels!

Our Class Agenda

I will demonstrate and sample some of my very best original raw chocolate creations. You will taste and feel the bliss of real, raw chocolate infused with superfoods and herbs, AND learn how to make these at home!

The recipes will progress from simplest to fanciest. You will learn:

~ Campground Chocolate Balls: wherever you are, all you need is a bowl, a spoon and a few basic ingredients!

~ Cosmic Chocolate Fudge: best made in a food processor for ideal flavor and consistency, with these we take the basic recipe above, and strategically add in some powerful and synergistic superfoods and tonic herbs, for maximum ecstatic effects!

~ Cosmic Carob Fudge: similar to the one above, this one uses carob as a chocolate substitute, for anyone who cannot eat chocolate (or is ready for some rest from cacao) who still desires the rich chocolate flavor!

~ Hard Chocolate Candies: similar to the chocolate bars you buy from the store! You will be astonished to discover you can make your own, fairly simply, with just some basic understanding. Use essential oils for different flavors, like mint, orange, or coffee... you can even use chocolate molds when you're ready to get really fancy!

After class, you will receive a PDF via e-mail with the recipes, instructions, ingredient descriptions, and resources. You will also receive a discount coupon for the upcoming "Raw Chocolates" eBook I am co-authoring with Melissa Cantrelle!


Class investment is $30 per person. I am also open to partial or full barters (contact me for details).

If you're somewhere other than the Dallas area, we are also offering a video download of this event after the class... stay tuned!

Come enjoy the ecstatic, blissful, health-enhancing effects of RAW Chocolate!

~ Courtney Clay (aka Chocotrixie)

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