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Recruiting Permaculture Teachers for Fall Class

Needs a location


There are a growing number of Permaculture Certificate Holders who feel that Permaculture principles and practices need to be “out there” for anyone who will use them. This is particularly important for the young people in this area as well as the people who own small plots of land.

Do you agree? I hope so.

You probably also realize that most of the Permaculture classes today are so expensive that much of the population cannot afford these classes. Again, this is particularly true for younger people and for people homesteading small plots of land.

At this time there are no long-term Permaculture teachers in North Texas. However, there is a growing group of Permaculture Certificate Holders in the DFW and North Texas area who want to change that. If you have a Permaculture Certificate, if you agree with us about this, and if you would be willing to teach a portion, even a small portion, of a fall Permaculture class in Greenville, Texas, please send me an email at [masked] or call me at[masked]-1532.

Some of us feel we can start in this somewhat rural area near metropolitan DFW where we have an essentially free place to teach the class, the opportunity for multiple field trips, and good places for those all-important hands-on experiences. We can charge a very reasonable fee and give many scholarships. As the pool of local certificate holders grows over time, we can spread into all sections of North Texas.

Help us start down the road of making Permaculture the norm rather than the exception in North Texas.

Please consider it.
Thank you,