The Dallas Yi Jing (I Ching) Meetup

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The Dallas Yi Ching (I Ching) Meetup meets once a month, usually on the fourth Saturday of each month . We usually meet for lunch and tea for the first hour and then move into our discussions of the specific hexagrams we are studying that month. We often have our meetings at local tea houses or potluck at someone's house and we even bring a sack lunch outside at beautiful areas around the city. Please refer to the comments section of each meeting for more information about specific meetings.

Our discussions of each hexagram usually last 2+ hours. We began with Hexagram 01 (The Creative) and are moving forward. We have members with varied levels of experience and approaches and welcome all who would like to attend. We usually read over many different translations which includes a note or two on the previous hexagram. Moving to the specific hexagram for that month in which we read about the structure of the main text and commentary of each changing line, ending with a note or two about the next hexagram. If you have any questions please feel free to contact our organizers.

For the year 2011 we will work on the following hexagrams:

01 (January) Hexagram 54 - The Marrying Maiden
02 (February) Hexagram 55 - Abundance (Drums of Victory)
03 (March) Hexagram 56 - The Wanderer
04 (April) Hexagram 57 - The Gentle
05 (May) Hexagram 58 - Joy
06 (June) Hexagram 59 - Dispersion
07 (July) Hexagram 60 - Limitation
08 (August) Hexagram 61 - Inner Truth
09 (September) Hexagram 62 - Preponderance of the Small
10 (October) Hexagram 63 - After Completion
11 (November) Hexagram 64 - Before Completion

If for some unseen reason we are unable to address these specific hexagrams in the month specified, we will make up the missed hexagram at the next meeting. Please see our notes/page (listed in the above "about" tab) for commentary on the specific hexagrams. We would encourage you to add your thoughts on these hexagrams in this area also. We have listed translations that we use often in our discussions. For a more through list of the translations we enjoy discussing please see our albums under "photos" tab and look under book covers.